Italian Roast


An extra dark oily roast made from Central American coffees for deep, heavy coffee flavor. Origin characteristics are diminished and acidity is non-existent.

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Introducing Sleigh Bell Coffee Co. Italian Roast: A Taste of the Polar Night

Prepare to embark on a coffee adventure that mirrors the depths of the North Pole itself – Sleigh Bell Coffee Co.’s Italian Roast. In every cup, discover the boldness and intensity of flavors that rival the grandeur of the Arctic landscapes.

A Symphony of Northern Darkness: Our Italian Roast is an ode to the polar night, an extra dark, oily roast that encapsulates the profound darkness of winter in the North. Made from the finest Central American beans, it’s a tribute to the enduring strength of the North Pole. Through our meticulous roasting, these beans are transformed into a brew that’s as rich, velvety, and robust as the Northern tundra itself.

Origin Characteristics, A Polar Hush: In the pursuit of unparalleled boldness, we’ve quieted the unique characteristics of Central American coffees. Just like the tranquil snow-covered plains of the North Pole, this blend lets the coffee’s dark, powerful personality shine through. In each sip, you’ll experience a world where the subtleties of origin take a back seat, leaving you with a cup that’s all about the polar strength of our Italian Roast.

Acidity, Snowy Softness: If you’re seeking a coffee as smooth as freshly fallen snow, our Italian Roast is your Arctic answer. Here, acidity is non-existent, providing a remarkably smooth and mellow experience that lingers on your palate like a soft snowflake.

Embrace the polar darkness with Sleigh Bell Coffee Co. Italian Roast, where every sip is a journey into the profound depths of coffee flavor, reminiscent of the North Pole’s serene grandeur. Whether you’re an explorer of coffee’s hidden treasures or a seeker of bolder horizons, our Italian Roast will satisfy your craving for uncompromising intensity. Join us in savoring the Arctic richness of this extraordinary roast, and elevate your coffee experience to new heights of polar delight.

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