Whiskey Barrel Aged


Single origin Guat. aged 30 days in a Bourbon barrel and then roasted to order

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Introducing Sleigh Bell Coffee Co.’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee: A Taste of Australian Christmas Magic

Experience the enchantment of Christmas down under with Sleigh Bell Coffee Co.’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee. In Australia, it’s a tradition to leave whiskey out for Santa on Christmas Eve, and we’ve captured the spirit of this festive custom in every sip.

A Taste of Australian Tradition: Down in the Southern Hemisphere, families in Australia have a unique way of welcoming Santa. Instead of milk and cookies, they leave out a generous glass of whiskey. Inspired by this heartwarming tradition, our Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee brings together the best of Australian Christmas magic and the rich coffee traditions of Guatemala.

Aged to Perfection: Our journey begins with single-origin Guatemalan beans, handpicked to perfection. These beans are then aged for a full 30 days in a premium Bourbon barrel, absorbing the oaky, whiskey-infused notes that transform them into something truly extraordinary. With each passing day, the coffee beans soak in the essence of aged whiskey, creating a blend that’s rich, complex, and full of character.

Roasted to Order: To preserve the magic, we roast your Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee to order. This means that every bag is a celebration of freshness, ensuring that you experience the perfect balance of whiskey warmth and Guatemalan charm in every cup.

Embrace the spirit of an Australian Christmas with Sleigh Bell Coffee Co.’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee. It’s more than just coffee; it’s a journey that bridges continents and traditions, delivering a cup that’s both familiar and extraordinary. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a whiskey enthusiast, or simply seeking a taste of holiday magic, our Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is your ticket to an unforgettable coffee experience. Join us in savoring the warmth of this unique blend, and let the spirit of Christmas inspire your every sip.

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